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Upcoming Painting Class at SFAI


Lauren Jade Szabo
6 Sessions »Saturdays, October 26 - December 7

(No class November 30th)
10:00am-1:00pm | FMC STE 27 | $295

Through hands on demonstrations, studio practice, and one-on-one tutoring, students will investigate the natural, urban, and hybridized landscape within approaches of contemporary painting. With these themes in mind, students will create a body of work communicating their individual and/or collective perception, while inspecting the shift of the western landscape through painting and what has been lost through human corruption of natural space. Individual portfolio progress will be emphasized.

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5:58 PM17:58

4Waves: 40 Performances for the Hole

SOMArts, 934 Brannan Street

SOMArts and Justin Hoover/Collective Action Studio (CAS) are proud to co-present a new iteration of 100 Performance for the Hole: a marathon of artistic moments. In honor of the 40th anniversary of SOMArts Cultural Center, CAS is producing an abbreviated version titled 4Waves: 40 Performances for the Hole on Wednesday, September 11th, 5:58–10:00pm with Rhodessa Jones as a special program presenter and Justin Hoover as the evening’s emcee.

The Bay has experienced three “waves” of performance art since the 1960’s and now we are in the midst of a fourth. A fast and furious space for experimentation, 4Waves takes place in, about, around, against and in relation to a 100-year-old pit in the floor of SOMArts Cultural Center.

Featured artists include pioneering performer Keith HennesseyJennifer Locke who explores the constructions of power, hierarchy, and epistemology, and artist, curator, and producer Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, a 30-year veteran of Los Angeles arts and performance scene.

Each artist has only one minute to set up, two-minutes to perform and one-minute to clean up. There are no rehearsals. Tickets for 4Waves: 40 Performances for the Hole are available online.

Alexandrea Echo Archuleta
Adrian Arias
Tierra Allen
.Esther Baker-Tarpaga
Monet Clark
Maxe Crandall and Diana Cage
Shaghayegh Cyrous
Jordan Essoe
deCoy Gallerina
Guta Galli
Terrance Graven
Reshawn Goods / Bushmama Africa
Keith Hennessey
Jesse Hewit / Juice Box
Dale Hoyt
Pete Ippel
Behnaz Khaleghi
Marcus Kuliand-Nazario
Landa Lakes
Peter Max Lawrence
Krisztina Lazar
Jennifer Locke
Margaret McCarthy
Liz Miller-Kovacs
Logan Moody & Chris Sauceda
Caro Novella
Johanna Poethig
Randy Reyes
Kevin Seaman
Chris Sollars
Lauren Jade Szabo
Janet Silk
The Factronauts (Peter Foucault, Bryan and Vita Hewitt, Chris Treggiari)
Shirin Towfiq
Chaz Walker
Rachel Znerold
Raheleh Minoosh Zomorodinia
Special Guest

Justin Hoover

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6:00 PM18:00

Upcoming Painting Class at SFAI

San Francisco Art Institute Presents:


Instructor: Lauren Jade Szabo
8 Sessions »Thursdays, June 20-August 15

No class July 4th
6:30-9:30pm | FMC STE 27 | $385

Through hands on demonstrations, studio practice, and one-on-one tutoring, students will develop a body of work demonstrating traditional and contemporary approaches within the media of painting. In our contemporary landscape over-saturated with images, painting is ever relevant with a strong history of power, representation, and propaganda in cultures all over the world. During this course, we will practice technical rigor as well as communication by way of image and text relationships in an open dialogue. Individual portfolio progress will be emphasized.

Register Now » (Opens April 1)

Lauren Jade Szabo is a Los Angeles born artist who lives and works in Oakland. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts with distinction, and received an MFA Fellowship from San Francisco Art Institute for graduate study in Painting completed in 2018. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in private collections in Europe and the United States. Szabo is represented by SFMOMA Artists Gallery.

Website: laurenszabo.com

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Content Matters at MarinMOCA

“Content Matters” Summer National Juried Exhibition

June 15 – August 4, 2019,

Reception: June 15, 5 – 7pm


Content Matters: “Content” is the meaning conveyed by a piece of artwork – a message portrayed through images, symbols, marks, or stylistic treatment. Content communicates the artist’s point of view, their thoughts, beliefs and experiences, and it creates a response on the part of the viewer. 2D or 3D artwork will be accepted in any medium. We are interested in what you have to say through your artwork. 


JUROR  Jack Fischer

This exhibit will be juried by well-known San Francisco gallerist Jack Fisher, who has been exhibiting artists for over 15 years. According to Mr. Fischer, "The work I exhibit is from the heart and the gut.” Jack Fischer Gallery shows work from a diverse group of artists working in many genres including contemporary, visionary, self-taught, and intuitive. As the gallery’s program has expanded, the emphasis has evolved from a strictly overarching interest in narrative work to include both abstraction and conceptual work. The gallery has two locations in San Francisco, allowing space for more exhibitions, new artists, and the continued cultivation of artists who have been with the gallery for many years.

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Bay Area Prints! 2019

We will also be celebrating our 11 year anniversary at the opening!


The Compound Gallery is pleased to announce BAY AREA PRINTS! an art exhibition featuring works by Bay Area printmakers. Cash awards, provided by Bay Area print collectors Fred and Louise Neal. Featuring over 100 Bay Area artists, this show serves as a venue to educate the public on the varied techniques employed in printmaking and encourage the interest and public support of these artists by acquiring their work.  Visitors will have a chance to vote on their favorite works and winning artists will be given cash prizes (see below).  Last day for Audience Choice voting is July 14th, 2019.  The opening reception will be held on June 8th, 2019 and there will be an afternoon reception with participating and prize winning artists and print collectors/prize donors Fred and Louise Neal held on Sunday, July 21, 2019.

Featuring work by: Onye Ahanotu,  Siavash Almeida, Latifat Apatira, Vivien Arnold, Kai Augustine, Kelly Autumn, David Avery, Peter Baczek, Brandin Barón, Susan Belau, Tim Belonax, Amber Biscevic, Miicah Black, Carol Brent Levin, Meredith Brown, Kristen Brown, Donna Brown, Amy Burek, Mary Burger, David Call, Alex Carroll, Anjelica Colliard, Gary Comoglio, Rita Davies, Paola de la Calle, Melanie Dorson, Jessica Dunne, Barry Ebner, Beth Fein, Peter Foley, Suzanne Frazier, Nate Fredenburg, Joan Karissa Gallego, Steve Green, Emily Gui, Kevin Harris, Ryan Harrison, Art Hazelwood, Whitney Humphreys, Christine Innes, Sharon Jue, Claire Kessler-Bradner, Sanaa Khan, Shani Krevsky, Geneviève L’Heureux, Lorraine Lerman, Stephen Longoria, Max Marcil, Barbara Maricle, Nichol Markowitz, Mary V. Marsh, Kara Marson, Jill McLennan, Bernadette Milan, Robin Miliken, Kate Mink, Keisha Mrotek, S. Kendall Osborne, Cindy Ostroff, Karen Palamos, Nora Pauwels, Jeff Petersen, Thitiwat Phromratanapongse, Allison Ping, Meg Pohlod, Gross Grain Press, Tina Pressler, Ambrose Prince, Anna Rochester, Eric Sanchez, Tom Scarpino, Harry Schneider, Stephen Schumm, Keith Secola, Andrey Semyonov, Deborah Sibony, Savanna Snow, Ethan Snyderman, Sylvia Solocheck Walters, Chuck Sperry, David Spiher, Dean Stuart, Colleen Sullivan, Sylvia Sussman, Lauren Szabo, Nick Szabo, Susan Tibbon, Allison Tinney, Amy Torgeson, Max Valentine, Miles Vich, Sandy Walker, Evka Whaley-Mayda, Michelle Wilson, Thomas Wojak, Krista Wright, Joanne Yeaton, Dana Zed, Haoyun Erin Zhao, Daevron

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11:30 AM11:30

Alma Mater: Methods - 2019 CCA Alumni Exhibition


California College of the Arts



For the second iteration of the college’s biennial series of alumni exhibitions programming, CCA Exhibitions and the CCA Alumni Association will partner to highlight the idea of process within the practices of recent alumni from across the college’s four divisions: Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, and Humanities and Sciences. The exhibition will explore shared threads in artistic practices of sketching, note taking, modeling, mapping, drafting, and rendering. These process-based methods expose the pathways creative individuals depend upon to obtain a final product or idea. By celebrating this amorphousness through the form of an exhibition, Alma Mater: Methods will move beyond what is often exhibited within the white cube—finality, succinct expression, monetary value—and will instead prioritize a thinking-through-making approach that is shared among the college’s creative communities and disciplines. It is here where conversations begin, new connections form, and low stakes are valued. 

This exhibition is co-curated by Beth Abrahamson (MFA Design 2015), Sarah Hobstetter (MArch 2010), Mik Gaspay (MFA 2011), and Tanya Gayer (MA Curatorial Practice, Visual and Critical Studies 2016).

Zafer Aksit (MFA 2012) // Nicole Irene Anderson (Painting / Drawing 2017) // Manuel Angeja (Painting / Drawing 2005 & MFA 2014) // Termeh Behbahani (Painting / Drawing 2016) // Jack Bool (Photography 2016) // William Bottini (MFA Design 2017) // Luke Bowlus (Illustration 2016) // John Damian Boychuk (MFA 2016) // Han Boyuan (Painting / Drawing 2018) // Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo (Printmaking 2015) // Maureen Burdock (MFA, MA Visual and Critical Studies 2014) // Ethan Caflisch (Individualized 2015) // Aliena Cameron (Graphic Design 2017) // Katherin Canton (Community Arts 2011) // Natalie Catasús (MFA, MA Writing, Visual and Critical Studies 2015) // Megan Cerminaro (Photography 2013) // Jiajia Chen (Graphic Design 2015) // Troy Chew (MFA 2018) // David Chin (MBA in Design Strategy 2017) // Benjamin Cirgin (MFA 2016) // Erinn Clancy (Media Arts 2010) // Jillian Clark (MFA 2011) // Nicolas Colón (Sculpture 2011) // Francesca Cozzone (MFA 2014) // Haegen Crosby (Industrial Design 2014) // Jessamyn Violet Cuneo (MFA Writing 2011) // Ebony Iman Dallas (MFA 2009) // Marian K. Dilan (Illustration 2010) // D'Sjon Dixon (Architecture 2009) // Eric Dyer (MFA 2013) // Jamie Emerick (MFA 2013) // Lisa Fong (Painting / Drawing 2018) // Kadi Franson (MArch 2012) // Sienna Freeman (MFA, MA Visual Critical Studies 2016) // James Friedberg (Glass 2009) // Garth Fry (MFA 2016) // Marissa Geoffroy (MFA 2017) // Eva Gibeau (Photography 2015) // Zachary Gibson (MFA Design 2011) // T2R/Laura Gillmore (MFA 2018) // Rebekah Goldstein (MFA 2012) // Matthew Gordon (MFA 2009) // Tej Greenhill (Painting / Drawing 2012) // C.A. Greenlee (MFA 2015) // Maria Guzmán Capron (MFA 2015) // Annie Hagar (MFA 2014) // Liz Hernández (MFA 2015) // Michelle Herrera (Individualized 2018) // Graham Holoch (Photography 2014) // Valerie Iosso (Individualized 2017) // Victoria Jang (MFA 2014) // Nayoung Jeong (Ceramics 2011) // Angela Mini Jo (Jewelry / Metal Arts 2012) // Celeste R. Johnson (Fashion Design 2013) // Brianna Kalajian (Photography 2013) // Raquel Kalil (MFA Design 2018) // Wioleta Kaminska (MFA Design 2014) // Vernon Keeve (MFA Writing 2013) // Jim Kettner (MFA Writing 2013) // Sarah Kim (Graphic Design 2015) // Jennifer Klecker (MFA 2015) // Sophie Lourdes Knight (Painting / Drawing 2014) // Maia Kobabe (MFA Comics 2016) // Nami Kurita (Graphic Design 2012) // Patricia Leal (Sculpture 2017) // Sarah Lee (MFA 2016) // Sarah Lesnikoski (Painting / Drawing 2016) // Cara Levine (Sculpture 2012) // Leah Yael Levy (MFA Comics 2017) // Joseph Liatela (Individualized 2017) // Lana Licata (Painting / Drawing 2015) // Anna Ludwig (MFA 2010) // Leora Lutz (MFA, MA Visual and Critical Studies 2014) // Carolina Magis Weinberg (MFA, MA Visual and Critical Studies 2017) // Phillip Maisel (MFA 2013) // Atoosa Maleki (MFA 2016) // Rob Marks (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2011) // Forrest McGarvey (MFA, MA Visual and Critical Studies 2016) // James-David Mericle (MFA 2010) // Mary Mocas (MFA 2016) // Nastaran Mousavi (MArch 2013) // Bonny Nahmias (Sculpture 2016) // Richard-Jonathan Nelson (MFA 2017) // Colin Nitta (Illustration 2010) // Rebecca Ora (MFA 2010) // Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2012) // Zach Ozma (Community Arts 2015) // Adam Park (MFA Writing 2017) // Helena Parriott (Individualized 2010) // Piero Passacantando (MFA 2009) // Nate Petterson (MFA 2015) // Luis Pinto (MFA 2015) // Amanda Quiroz (Painting / Drawing 2010) // Cynthia Randolph (MBA in Design Strategy 2017) // Megan Reed (MFA 2015) // Tracy Ren (Ceramics 2018) // Jordan Reznick (MFA, MA Visual and Critical Studies) // Erich Richter (Sculpture 2010) // Allison Rowe (MFA 2011) // Dorothy Santos (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2014) // Jennifer Schnell (MFA Design 2014) // Zachary Royer Scholz (MFA, MA Visual and Critical Studies 2009) // Aline Schwibbe (MFA 2018) // Courtney Sennish (MFA 2015) // Emmanuel Sevilla (MFA 2015) // Jennifer Shada (MFA 2016) // Wei-Ching Shyu (MFA Comics 2016) // James Sinclair (Photography 2014) // Diana Stapleton (MFA, MA Visual Critical Studies 2015) // Adair Stephens (MFA Textiles 2012) // Amber Stucke (MFA 2011) // Anton Stuebner (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2014) // Lauren Jade Szabo (Illustration 2010) // Amy Tavern (MFA 2017) // Matthew Harrison Tedford (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2011) // Courtney Trouble (MA Visual and Critical Studies 2015 & MFA 2017) // Zoe Tuck (Writing and Literature 2014) // Benjamin Vilmain (MFA 2012) // Jessica Violetta (Illustration 2017) // Brandon Walls Olsen (MFA 2009) // Josh White (MFA Comics 2016) // Micah Wood (MFA 2015) // Zhou Zoe Yuan (Jewelry / Metal Arts 2016) // Jake Ziemann (MFA 2012)


CCA Hubbell Street Galleries
Free and open to the public
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 15, 3–6pm
Gallery hours: Thursdays + Fridays from noon-5pm and by appointment

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LOCATION: Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery, Art Building, San José State University (Near 9th / San Carlos Streets)

EXHIBITION DATES: January 29 – February 22, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 6:00pm-7:30pm Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery, Art Building, San José State University Free and open to the public

(408) 924 - 4330 | Gallery.sjsu.edu | Gallery@sjsu.edu

Curated by Aaron Wilder

A little newer, a little better, a little faster. Like the eager anticipation of the newest smartphone, compulsive human motion and consumption ultimately lead to the hastening of our physical, cultural, and social deterioration. Planned Obsolescence is a group exhibition at the Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery displaying works by artists of the greater Bay Area: Sebastian Alvarez, Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Terry Berlier, Ilana Crispi, Woody De Othello, Hope Kroll, Izidora Leber LETHE, Diana Li, Darrin Martin, Daniel McClain, Lucy Puls, and Lauren Jade Szabo.

Wrapped up in the capitalist essence that seems to saturate every facet of contemporary culture, the term “planned obsolescence” refers to a practice of consumer goods manufacturing companies to engineer rapid consumption through frequent changes in design, termination of spare part inventory, and use of nondurable materials in their products. While this term was originally coined by economists to describe the practice of consumer goods manufacturers (particularly in the automobile industry), the term is now more commonly applied to practices of the technology industry. Since the majority of these companies are here in Silicon Valley, the Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery has invited artists from the greater Bay Area with a diversity of perspectives to present work reflecting on contemporary notions of “planned obsolescence.”

Like the upgrades of hardware and the updates of software we scramble to keep pace with, the term “planned obsolescence” is equally an apt description of the human experience. While our individual lives are unique to our own perspectives on reality, components of experiences within our lifespan are partially relatable to and replicated by future generations after we have passed away. Each artificially limited, useful life contains flaws, weaknesses, and limitations we continuously seek to replace quicker, shortening the replacement cycle of our world, paradigm, and relations more and more. This exhibition applies the ever-shortening lifespan of technological products to what it means to be human. The artists question erasure of identity through commodification and the effect of materialism and waste on objects, traditions, and the environment.

Woody De Othello & Lucy Puls: Planned Obsolescence

Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 5:00pm-6:00pm
SJSU Campus, Art Building Lecture Hall, Room #133
Free and open to the public

GALLERY HOURS: Monday – Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm and Tuesday evenings 6:00pm-7:30pm (and by appointment)


Monday – Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm and Tuesday evenings 6:00pm-7:30pm (and by appointment)

Jo Farb Hernández, Director


Artist Lauren Jade Szabo makes paintings composed of man-made objects in the process of being reclaimed by nature. Being originally from Los Angeles, she was impacted by the tendency of locals to spend a significant amount of their time in their cars commuting where they are constantly bombarded with advertising. Szabo’s subjects are always in an unrestored state and include paper billboards, neon signs, incandescent bulb signs, and skytyping. Szabo chooses to depict such signs in a state of decay as advertisements seem to promise perfect, static, and ultimately false outcomes. About her work’s focus on addressing contemporary social issues through painting Szabo has said “I consider my work to be a part of a generation that shares a collective consciousness of reevaluating the ways that humans interact with the environment and each other as our hybrid landscape progresses.” Indeed, her exhibited work reflects an urgency of reevaluating our relationship to consumerism.

In conjunction with the opening of this group exhibition, participating artists Woody De Othello and Lucy Puls will present illustrated lectures 5:00pm - 6:00pm in the Department of Art & Art History Lecture Hall (room 133) the evening of January 29, 2019, just prior to the opening reception, 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery. Both events are free and open to the public.

We would like to extend our humblest appreciation to Woody De Othello as well as Jessica Silverman, Barret Lybbert, Jennifer Bindman, and the staff of Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco, CA) for their help in facilitating the loan of Woody De Othello’s work and to Sebastian Alvarez, Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Terry Berlier, Ilana Crispi, Hope Kroll, Izidora Leber LETHE, Diana Li, Darrin Martin, Daniel McClain, Lucy Puls, and Lauren Jade Szabo for generously loaning their own works to us directly.

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Neon Legends

December 7 - March 2

Oakland Art Murmur First Friday Reception
December 7th, 6-9pm

Lighting up the winter months, Transmission Gallery presents Neon Legends, their second invitational exhibition of Neon Art. 
Glass, neon, argon and electricity come together in this shining array of works deftly crafted by some of the best neon artists on the West Coast. The exhibition features floor standing, ceiling hung, wall mounted and 3D works of glass and light including work by LA neon artists Michael Flechtner, Linda Sue Price and Roxy Rose, as well as works by Bay Area neon artists Bill Concannon, Roger Daniells, Norman Moore, Shawna Peterson, and Bruce Suba, with unique contributions by artists Karl X. Hauser, Ruth Santee and Lauren Szabo.  
Tapped as expert artisans restoring legendary signage, creating monumental installations and even, as Michael Flechtner has done, commemorating neon on a US Postage Stamp, the artists included here hold decades of knowledge, history and a deep understanding of the fragility and wonder of neon in their hands. 

Stop by to bask in the brilliant color and experience the individual creative styles and vision that have emerged from their years of working within the careful constraints required by neon, from luminous and flowing line to flashy power to intimate steady glow.

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12:30 PM12:30


Hosted by the CCA Illustration Program and the Alumni Association

January 16–February 2

CCA Hubbell Street Galleries, 161 Hubbell Street, San Francisco

Opening Reception: Thurs., Jan. 18, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Gallery Hours: Jan. 16-Feb. 2, 2018; Tue.-Sat., noon-5 p.m.
Free and open to the public

In the era of Trump, artists everywhere are responding to the toxic political climate, the rise of hate groups, the dismantling of environmental protections, and the possibility of war. Racism, Misogyny, and Homophobia are being normalized by people in power. The work might express outrage and defiance, or employ humor. The art might celebrate individuals working to restore social justice, peace, and environmental stewardship.

The show is hosted by the California College of the Arts Illustration Program and the CCA Alumni Association.

The Alumni Weekend featuring guest speakers and workshops will be held at the CCA Main Campus in Timken Hall on Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., 1111 Eighth Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107.

For more information, please contact Heidi Madison, Illustration Program Manager,hmadison@cca.edu

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Landing on the Veil

Opening Reception Thursday, October 5, 6pm

Group show featuring Lauren Szabo, Jordan Holms, Alexis Lastomirsky, and Kacy Chen at the Swell Gallery located at the Graduate Center of the San Francisco Art Institute in its new Fort Mason site.

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With Liberty and Justice For Some

With Liberty and Justice for Some

September 23 - October 8, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept 23, 6 - 8 pm

Co-curated by artist Monica Lundy and gallerist Walter Maciel, this exhibition features portraits of immigrants to the United States by artists from Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Back when Donald Trump was still the President-elect, long before his executive order became a flashpoint for pro-immigrant rallies at airports across the nation, Lundy, like many in her artistic community, felt both helpless and determined to do something. In response to this need, Lundy and Maciel invited artists from across the country to make 8 x 8-inch portraits of individuals who came to the United States as immigrants including historic subjects, personal friends, relatives, strangers, and self-portraits. The exhibition launched in Los Angleles, then traveled to the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and will be exhibited at Berkeley Arts Center from September 23 to October 8, 2017.

The work includes many different mediums such as acrylic and oil paint on canvas, mixed media and collage on panel, photography, drawings and other works on paper. The culmination of specifically selected portraits will be assembled in an installation depicting the American Flag while others are grouped together to celebrate the diversity of our country.

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Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards

Opening with a reception and awards ceremony Thursday, September 7, 6:30–9pm, awards at 7:00pm, The San Francisco Foundation & SOMArts Annual Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition surveys new work from the 18 recipients of the competitive Jack K and Gertrude Murphy Award and the Edwin Anthony and Adalaine Boudreaux Cadogan Scholarships. The awards are designed to further the development of Bay Area MFA students and foster the exploration of their artistic potential in hybrid practice, installation, mixed media, painting, photography and sculpture.

The Jack K and Gertrude Murphy Award of $40,000 is given to an MFA student of unusual caliber with great artistic promise. Edwin Anthony and Adalaine Boudreaux Cadogan both experienced financial challenges as art students and understood the great difference scholarships can make in the early phase of an artist’s career. The winners of the Cadogan Scholarships receive $6,500 each to support their MFA studies. All the students benefit from participation in a professionally curated exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center.

The opening reception, exhibition, and all accompanying events are free to attend and take place at SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St. in San Francisco, CA.


Cadogan Scholarships
Emily Budd, California College of the Arts
Rafael Bustillos, San Francisco Art Institute
Amy Cella, San Francisco State University
Troy Chew, California College of the Arts
Kira Dominguez Hultgren, California College of the Arts
Abigail Gregg, San Francisco Art Institute
Keyvan Heydari Shovir, California College of the Arts
Amber Imrie-Situnayake, Stanford University
Christopher Marin, California College of the Arts
Nick Mittelstead, San Francisco Art Institute
Natani Notah, Stanford University
Gianna Paniagua, California College of the Arts
Hannah Perrine Mode, Mills College
Nancy Sayavong, UC Berkeley
Keith Secola, California College of the Arts
Lauren Szabo, San Francisco Art Institute
Victor Yañez-Lazcano, Stanford University

Murphy Award
Sherwin Rio, San Francisco Art Institute

The Annual Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition
September 7–29, 2017
Gallery hours: Tuesday–Friday, 12–7pm & Saturday, 12–5pm

Advancing Equity in Arts Education Summit
An afternoon of artist-led creative workshops, panel presentations and performances to advance equity in arts education.
Saturday, September 16, 1–4pm
Free with RSVP: artsequitysummit.eventbrite.com

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to Sep 15


Collect! Exhibition and Art Auction

Exhibition: September 2 - 16, 2017
Stop by BAC to preview donated artwork, Wed - Sun, 11am - 5 pm

Art Auction Fundraiser
Saturday, September 16, 6 - 9 pm
Tickets: $50 / $45 BAC Members

Raise a glass to our generous local artist community at COLLECT! the BAC’s largest annual event. Works from some of the Bay Area’s most exciting artists will be exhibited and up for auction, enjoyed with a glass of wine and delicious food. Bring home your favorite piece and support artists in the community!

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to Aug 31

Group Show

Opening Reception Tuesday, August 29, 6pm

Three person show with David Fagan and Emily Miesler at the Diego Rivera Gallery located at the historic Chestnut Street campus at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Juried and curated by Ebitenyefa Baralaye, AICAD Teaching Fellow at SFAI.

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