Lauren Szabo is an emerging unique voice in contemporary representational art. Her work is grounded in a tradition of realism and technical virtuosity, and conceptually based on her unique observations of environment and society. She has a lot to say. She is an artist to watch. 

-Robert Hunt, Artist


Lauren Szabo has all the instincts and talent that anyone could want in an artist. I have been lucky enough to have worked a lot with Lauren and her work is always creatively surprising, technically superior and delivered on deadline. These are rare traits indeed. I recommend her without reservation. She is the consummate professional. 

-Bob Ciano, Creative Director


Lauren Szabo is probably the most focused and driven artist I've had the pleasure to work with during my time teaching at California College of the Arts. While Lauren's work ethic is extraordinary, her art is what makes her unique. She approaches fine art and illustration with a high degree of sophistication and bravery in technique. Her work is nuanced, compassionate, and always exciting. I have absolute faith in Lauren's success as an artist. She is a rarity: an artist with the skills to match her limitless ambition.

-Chris Koehler, Illustrator


Lauren Szabo is a stand out artist who uses her keen sense of light and color to transform ordinary, simple subjects into captivating and intriguing life experiences. Her immense passion for painting and life experience transcends and speaks volumes through her works, time and time again.

-Celeste Frederickson, Artist and Owner of For Art's Sake Studio


It is a rare pleasure to know and work with an artist who can "do it all" and even more rare to find such an artist who is spectacular as a human being. In the years I've known Lauren Szabo I've watched her multifaceted talent expand beyond any expected horizon and do it all with unsurpassed grace and intelligence. At the California College of the Arts, Lauren became my illustration student, easily rising to the top of the class. Then she amazed everyone with her extraordinary efforts in my graphic novel class and showed the depth of her initiative by continuing the project begun there after the class ended. This work was so exceptional that it might have been assumed that Ms. Szabo had found her calling, but no, in senior classes she revealed yet another Lauren Szabo, producing beautiful paintings that would be welcome in any gallery.

Over these years, Lauren and I became close. I came to know more of the breadth of her experience and commitment to her art. Her character as a person made me proud to be a friend as well as one of her teachers. I miss seeing her often now that she has graduated and can only imagine the great accomplishments that lie ahead for her. What will this gifted person do? After all, Lauren Szabo can do it ALL.

-Barron Storey, Artist


The most gratifying aspect of teaching drawing and painting at one of the country's leading art colleges (California College of the Arts / CCA) are the young, talented painters I work with each semester. Additionally, the former students who stay in touch with me and keep me informed of their careers and studio practice--literally make my day. Usually those are the students who shone the brightest at the time. Lauren Szabo is such an artist.

I had the good fortune to be able to work with Lauren several years ago and can recall with great clarity her dedication, devotion, inquisitive nature, and sheer determination. There were a few other strong painters that semester, and it made for a remarkable chemistry in the studio. Lauren was definitely an important contributor to that nucleus.

She was one of those rare students who, when I suggested how she could improve a painting by re-working certain areas---would actually follow through---not once, or twice, but as many times as needed -- to make it work. She was dogged in her pursuit of making that damn painting work, even if it risked the fatal death of being overworked. The sign of a true artist.

I recently heard a wonderful interview by Terri Gross on NPR. She was interviewing a wizened old English actor who had worked alongside some of the world's finest actors. At the end of the interview, Terri asked him what advice he would give young actors, attempting to break into the field, and make a career of it. His advice was succinct, and brilliant. He answered, " I would advise young actors -- that if you want to act...don't. But, if you NEED to And then be prepared for unfair things to happen along the way. "

I mention that anecdote, because Lauren Szabo needs to paint. And it is why I am delighted she continues to stay in touch with a former professor from time to time... to share images of her journey. I have no doubt Lauren's work, and vision, will continue to grow and mature. She is prolific. But more importantly, she is hungry and passionate. Two great ingredients for any artist. Paint is in her blood. She has no choice.

-Mark Eanes, Artist